The Ultimate Gift

This is a book about a young 24-year-old lad Jason who is not very enlightened about the various gifts of life and so, Red Stevens, his great-uncle is trying to enlighten him along with the help of his beloved friend Theodore Hamilton.
It is a mix of Fiction and Non-Fiction because of which at a few places the story gets a little exaggerated.
This book is not just a book but an amazing journey for every reader. It has an amazing story which blends with the lessons we all need in life. It’s not a lengthy book, 127 pages only. The language is simple and can be comprehended easily. A few words may seem new to you im the beginning but that becomes just fine as you go on with book.
The book completely goes with the title and we as readers too, get an ultimate gift at the end of the book.
I recommend this book to literally everyone because this book has lessons that everybody needs. But specifically, if you want to get knowledge of how to live your life to the fullest in simple and fun words this book is meant for you.

Rating – 4.5/5

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