So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport

This book is divided into four major rules which are sub-divided into 15 chapters. It has an introduction in the beginning and a conclusion in the end along with a glossary of all the concepts introduced in the book and the career profile summaries. It is a book of 253 pages including everything mentioned above.
This book has a completely different take on passion. It tells you how follow your passion is ‘bad’ advice to give and take. It tells you to let the passion follow you and your work instead of following your passion. It has amazing concepts revealed in the book such as career capital, control traps, craftsman mindset etc. (To know more about what’s in the book visit @libroreview on Instagram). It is a pure piece of practicality.
The negative point of this book is that it has too many and too exaggerated examples. Yes, examples are important to relate with topic but when you read a non-fiction, you expect it to be to the point but it is not so in this book. It is also contradictory at some places which confuses the reader a bit.
If you think that passion will take you a long way in your life and work, this book is for you because it will tell you the truth and is an eye opener. It lets you know the reality of the world and work.
While i was reading this book I did have fun and gained a lot but not as much when compared to the number of pages I have read.
However, giving this book a read will definitely bring a change in the perspective of how you see the world and work.

Rating – 2.5/5

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