Abhivyakti By Stuti Agnihotri

Abhivyakti is a collection of expressions by a sweet and young girl named Stuti Agnihotri. She has put her feelings for various things into words and sewn it into this small book. It has 29 poems and expressions.
First and foremost I love the cover of the book. It’s very simple and subtle yet very bright which is exactly my style. The title does go with the book as it is the expression of her feelings and abhivyakti in english means expression.
The language is very sweet. It feels like you are eating pieces of chocolates while reading each exerpt.
What I really liked about the book was that nowadays we often search for big or deep things to feed our brains and make us feel happy and feel satisfied but in the process we have forgotten how small things can also make you feel light and happy just as much. This book reminds me of the smell of wet soil after rain, something very natural, small, subtle but soothing.
A few things that should also be mentioned are one, the author could have been a little more creative with the pages of the book. It’s a bit too simple. Also the content of the book was a little less. There is something you keep waiting for because of the short amount of content.
I loved readig the book. I highly recommend it as a holiday or vacation book when you want to feel light and laid back, but I think everyone should read it once in order to get back the feelings we miss from little happiness. 🌸What are your views on the book? I’d love to know!

Rating – 3.5/5

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