Letters To My Son by Sarav Kumar Murgan

Letters to my son has been an emotional read for me after a long time. It’s about love in two forms – Parental and Romantic. Nirav has to leave his father Aarav alone in India to pursue his higher studies and goes with the love of his life, Mirnalini. His mother has died when Nirav was a child and the story unfolds beautifully in this e-book of 69 pages. It was overwhelming to see the amount of emotions this book can evoke in such few words. A very short and crisp read.
The title does go with the book.
Two really positive points about the book were – 1. The blending of romantic and parental love is on point. Amazing work there.
2. This story not only shows the emotional and romantic side of love but also the productive side of love. The strength of true and pure love and I loved that part too.
One thing I must mention is that I think the style of writing was a little cliche and dramatic. It could have been a bit more realistic.
I highly recommend this book specilly to the younger generation because it is our need to understand how much our parents do or us and this book is a great step towards that. 🌸What are your views on the book? I’d love to know!

Rating – 3/5

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