Ruined by Paula Morris

This book is about a girl named Rebecca who has been shifted to New Orleans from NewYork due to some reasons. New Orleans itself is a very different city and along with it, Rebecca is being treated like she is invisible by everbody there. Except two people : Anton Grey and Lisette. While Anton is a young, polite good-looking guy, Lissette is a ghost. And the catch of the story is that ONLY Rebecca can see her. Why so? You come to know when you read the book.
It is a mystery, horror and fiction book. A very simple book with a very simple language. You don’t have to re-read or wrack your brain to understand the mysteries but it still is very mysterious. It is also written in a very descriptive manner, which helps you to imagine the scenarios very well. It also raises the issues if Racsism and color which I think is great.
I had a great read. There are many surprises but a lot of WOW factor is not there. It also was a little, very little slow for me. But I can say it is a definite one time read. If you want to have a light but dramatic read, this book is for you! ✨Was the review helpful? Let me know!

Rating – 3/5

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