Start A Start Up From Start by Gyanesh Sahu

This book is about an engineering grad Abhimanyu who initially has no meaning in life but an incident changes his perception towards life and he wants to get more done. It’s about his struggle of becoming a highly respected entrepreneur in his area and also a guide for budding entrepreneurs. It is a fiction guide of 151 pages.
The title definitely goes with the book. I loved the concept of this book. I have seen many books that show the journey of a failure rising to become a successful person but their hardships and struggles are not as highlighted as it is highlighted in this book. So realistic, so basic, so simple yet so inspiring. It also covers the love part which again is commendable.
When we come to the language, despite of being very simple, there are a lot of editing errors which brings the book down from it’s deserved position.
In all, I had a really good time reading this book. It inspired me. I hope the author takes care of the editing in the future editions.
I do recommend it to all the literal budding entrepreneurs or other youngsters to get inspired. 🌸What are your views on the book? I’d love to know!

Rating – 3.5\5

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