The Master Key System by Charles F. Hannel

The Master Key System is a book about how to apply the law of attraction in your daily life in order to attract abundance of health, wealth, fame, basically a good life. It also gives you the science behind the law of attraction, tells you about the solar plexus, some techniques such as visualisation, idealisation, affirmation etc.
The title of the book does not go with the content of the book. When we read such a title, we expect something big that can be termed as the Master Key but no such content was there in the book. There are many other books on this topic that have the same content presented in a better way. With a better structure, better layout, better language. Except for a few things like the solar plexus, the book does not have something different to offer.
The language of the book is complicated. I had to read some lines twice or thrice in order to understand what it wants to express. Although, the content is given in points instead of paragraphs which is one nice thing.
However, while I was reading the book, I got really bored. I did not feel like completing the book. I did it because I had to review it. It did not provide me with anything that I did not know and I have read many other books on this exact topic and they have offered way more knowledge than this piece of writing.
I’m not recommending this book to read. However, if any of you have different views, I would love to see from those different perceptives. đź“šDo you believe in the law of attraction?

Rating – 1.75/5

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