Who Says You Can’t? You Do by Daniel Chidiac

This his self-help, non-fiction book is one of the finest pieces of writings in the market. It mainly focuses on how you can get your life on track towards your goals (whatever they may be) and gives you all the related knowledge. It is a seven step guide to discovering your true self, committing to your own life and pushing beyond your known limits.
The title of the book goes completely with the content of the book. The book does tell you about your own undiscovered powers. It is an action based book of 332 pages which is utterly self-reflecting and makes you think. It has tasks, tips, and motivation. It’s like a coach that you can carry around wherever and whenever you want.
The language of the book is cute and funny (giggles). It doesn’t even feel like you are reading such a worthy book because it flows so well! The layout is one of the best layouts I have wittinesed till date. It is so realistic yet optimistic and covers all parts of life, be it love, business, your true self, wealth and money, belief system or subconscious mind. It has it all.
Such a self help is rare to find. There are many things in the book that I already belive and follow and I got many other tips that I will take on now. My favourite part about the book was that it does not give you false hopes. It shows you the problems but also how to face it. Such a complete book.
I recommend it as a must-read. But yes, only read this book if you are ready to take actions and change. Reading this book just for the sake of reading will be an injustice to the book. 🌸What do you think about the book? I’ll be glad to know!

Rating – 5/5

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