Confessions Of A Turophile by Shalini Singh

Confessions of a turophile is a collection of poetry. The topics actually vary from anything to everything, random things that the author observes and wants to share. Overall, all the poetry is inspired by her love for cheese. The description of her inspiration is given in the beginning of the book which helps us understand what she wants to say.
The title completely goes with the book. Turophile means a cheese lover and every poetry does sound like a confession. But yes, the title of each poetry was not comprehensible.
The language is very complex and utterly raw. They are all effortless but beautiful in their own way. If you are into decoding poetry, looking for puzzles to solve, you’ll love this book.
The content of the book is dark and deep and fulfilling. It does use a lot of your brain so if you’re looking for something to use your brain, go for it.
Now the only and major negative part of the book is it’s layout, structure and presentation. With such great content, these things are not up to the mark. It can be much much better.
For me, I love darkcontent and decoding see it was an amazing experience for me.

I recommend this book to all the lovers of poetry, dark content, people who like decoding things and also to the people who want something new and different to read.

Rating – 3.5/5

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