Hope And Sunshine by Debasmita Nath Ghosh

Hope And Sunshine is the story of Naina grover who is a rising star in her professional life but is struggling in her personal life. While Arjun, her cousin, is always there as her support, she confused between letting and holding on tight to the other two men, Aditya and Ved. She struggles to decide her priorities and what makes her happy but hope gets her going through the whole process and the book leads you to her final decision.
The title completely goes with the book.
The language is simple and the expression of emotions is done very well but yes, I would surely suggest a revision for editing errors.
It has a beautiful cover and likewise, it shows the beautiful side of love in a very beautiful way.The characters are very sensible and realistic.
Two negative things about the book were
1. I felt like I was reading the script of the book more than a proper book. It was more like text conversations.
2. There is no extraordinary story line despite the beautiful emotions. It gets a little cliche.
You can go ahead with this book if you are looking for something really light and no extravagant content.

Rating – 2.75/5

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