Lean Days by Manish Gaekwad

Lean days is about an aspiring writer who leaves his job in an impulse in order to write but does not really have a story. So, he travels the whole country of India in order to find his story and this book is more like his travel journal. Every small to big detail that the author experiences is noted down in this book.
The title completely goes with the book.
The language is unusual with a different tense when compared to other books. A few complex words can be seen if you are not an avid reader but it’s not tough if you are one.
This book is one of the most different books I have come across since a very long time. I love travelling and so I could relate to the intensity of this book. It has an abrupt beginning because of which I did not understand anything first but it just gets better chapter by chapter. It’s a very deep book that also raises the issues faced by the LGBT community in our country. I do wonder how the author got ideas with such minute details.
One thing I must mention is that because it does not exactly have a set of events going on, you don’t get a hang to be interested in the book until and unless you are a traveller, writer or and avid reader.

Rating – 3.5/5

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