Spirits In A Spice Jar by Sarina Kamini

Sarina Kamini’s faith is all about her family and food. Food has always played an essential role in her life as well as her family’s life. It’s just food but also representation of the person’s personality. It’s Sarina’s emotional strength but it has been ruined when she comes to know bout her mother’s disease. A whole world along with her faith crumbles down. however, she uses her ammi’s cooking notes to heal herself via cooking and every spice and dish evokes different kinds of emotions, questions and answers with her.
It’s a very different kind of a non-fiction book I have come across. The title completely goes with the book because all of Sarina’s faith and spirituality comes from the her spice jars.
The language is simple to understand but there is a usage of a few complex words for the not so avid readers.
Now the book will make you feel lost in itself, make you introspect and also want to cook for deeper reasons. It is a very very deep book that has taught me a lot personally. I was so lost in this book right from the beginning and it was so relieving, I seriously wanted to live in Sarina’s world for a little longer time. One thing is for sure, now I have a totally different perspective towards food.
I highly recommend this book to everybody as a must-read.

Rating – 5/5

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