Sunshine Town by Maniishh Aroraa

Sunshine town is a book about one of the most relatable indian teenagaer boy. I wonder how the author got the hold of such a relatable character. Shlok does not want much from life. He just wants to make his parents and the love of his life, Natasha, to be happy. But life is not so easy for anybody and so this book is story of his struggles. Beautifully written in a fictious way, it can also be considered as a self help.
I did not exactly understand the relation between the book and the title. If you did, please let me know in the comments section below.
The language again is relatable, simple and free of errors.
It is such an inspiring read especially for the teenagers! We all know how our generation is drifting towards laziness but this book will pull it out of it. All the teenagers who are wasting away their lives in procrastination, disbelief, loss of faith and hardwork should read this.
One thing that I must mention is that the plot was a little predictable for me as a reader.
There was no wow factor but a book like this must be read atleast once and it’s again a very good read for the beginners in the reading world.

Rating – 3.5/5

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