The Art Of Persuasion by Bob Burg

The art of persuasion is a guide to communication. It helps you to win principles such as influencing people negotiation and persuasion
through the simple act of communication. It teaches you how to turn your enemies into your friends through persuasion, not manipulation.
The title completely goes with the book as persuasion actually seems like an art when you read this book.
When we come to the language, it is humorous, basic and almost layman. Honestly speaking, it has been written as if it is the author’s personal diary of experiences.
I can clearly understand that the book is based more on experiences than thoughts and these tips and tricks do work because I have seen my dad use it all his life and get his work done. (Giggles)

In the end, I would recommend this book especially to the people in sales, business or public speaking but also to the other people as these tricks can be used in daily life as well. Want to learn another art? This book is here for you.

Rating – 3.75/5

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