The Blue Moon Day by Santhosh Sivraj

The Blue Moon Day consists of 5 parallel stories of 5 different men that is taking place and different places and different times along with an ending chapter. Every man from every story is feeling lost due to some or the other incident that is going on in their lives. They do not know that these incidents are the turning points of their lives. They are forced to take the plunge due to no option left and discover the deeper meaning of life.
The title does go with the book.
The language is very simple with no extravagant words. One thing i did notice was a little bit of a problem with usage of the punctuation marks.
Many people are suggesting this book to be a self-help but it is not so in my opinion. Though yes, it is a very motivational book that will want you to make changes in your own life. There is a lot of drama along with suspense spread over the course of the book. These elements keep the reader hanged to the book.
Two negative points about the book were 1. The manner of description of the events could have been better and 2. The ending of the book is not as interesting and exciting as the whole book is.
I do recommend this book to the budding readers and to the people who are waiting for a sign to make changes to their lives.

Rating – 3.75/5

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