The Secret Of The Sculptures by Monika Thakur

Two friends, Aditi and Maitreyi meet after after a long time in Delhi and are hoping to have a fun vacation ahead. Little did they know that they are going to fall into a pit of mysteries of a precious, priceless, stolen sculpture.
They come across a mysterious, hypnotic man, Mr. Seth time and again. What happened to the sculpture? Who is Mr. Seth and what is his mystery?

There is a tint of historic aroma to this book. Even though it’s new age, you cannot stop yourself from feeling ancient. It is slow in the beginning but it’s totally worth the wait because of the many twists and turns that take place later.
It does go with the title as the sculptures are not mere sculptures but a lot more than that.
When we come to the language, it’s not basic but not complicated either. Though the book must be revised for a few editing errors.
For me, Maitreyi was a very relatable character. I am hoping for the sequel of the book to come out soon.
I definitely recommend it to the people who want to experience a roller coaster while reading.

Rating – 3.5/5

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