You Cannot Have All The Answers by Deepa Agarwal

You Can’t Have All The Answers And Other Stories is a collection of 15 well reputed short stories written by the author at different points of time. They deal with issues of youth, trauma, prejudice, sexuality etc. Every story reflects upon a different kind of emotion that human beings face at some point of their lives.
The title definitely goes with the book.
The language is descriptive and artistic. There is an essence of experience in the way of writing.
The book is literally mind-blowing. All the issues have been presented in a very brain wrenching and beautiful way. Expressing the feelings one experiences after reading each story is almost impossible. Some stories give a thud to your heartbeat while some just leave you in awe. Every story leaves you thinking with a question. Another good thing about book is that you can experience all these emotions without going in a sequence. Just pick up this book and start any story. You will have a great experience.

One negative thing about the book was the landing or the climax of each story. While the stories are descriptive, the ending is not. It just happens which is a little unsatisfying.
In the end, I highly recommend this book.

Rating – 4/5

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