For The Smile Of Your Eyes By Aarish Nandedkar

For The Smile Of Your Eyes is a fiction romance where an ambitious but selfish Riley meets a beautiful but mysterious April in the ruins of a deserted railway. Both of them have their own dark pasts and ugly present secrets but their love for each other turns this ugliness into this beautiful story of love and sacrifice.

There is no exaggeration of emotions as to how powerful or beautiful or nice love is. The characters too are described with the exact amount of adjectives and metaphors required. In all, it is not an unrealistic story and yet, it beautifully shows the power and purity of true love.  The title does go with the book because the smile in each other’s eyes is all that the both of them want. The language is simple, romantic, with simple vocabulary and no errors. The expression of the emotions is done in a magnificent manner.

Exactly what I can expect from a romance fiction. The best part about the book was the connection I felt with the book especially because of the kind of person I am who is not much into love stories. It touched my heart. One negative about the book was that there is no location in the book. No description as to where the whole book is taking place, in India, abroad or in a different world? I highly recommend this book to all the love story lovers and to the readers who want to try something new too.

Rating – 4/5

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