Happy Guide by Michael Kinnaird

Happy Guide is a simple and sweet guide as to how to be healthy and happy. It Reflects that happy and good health is not something tough to attain and is very, very important. In this fast-going world whee we are focused on our ambitions, we often tend to neglect our health and this book brings your focus back on it. 
The title does go with the book because the book is a proper guide with instructions to happiness through health. 
The language is simple and direct. The usage of words is done in an on-point and short way. 
It is not a motivational or inspirational book. It is a literal guide and is an action-based books. One negative point about the book was that while some chapters are very informative and helpful, some chapters are vague without the right amount of information. 
However, a few points were so good that it completely sank in and I have already improved so much. I, myself, am taking my health very seriously now. 
So yes, I highly recommend this book to everybody – whether you are a health freak or not. 

Rating – 3.75/5

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