Sin Is The New Love by Abir Mukherjee

Sin Is The New Love is the story of young, cheerful and aspiring publisher Ahi who is leading a happy and normal life with her family till one day when the manuscript of her favorite dead author’s auto-biography hits her table at her new publishing house. The story from there becomes a roller coaster for both, Ahi and the reader to reveal dark secrets of the manuscript. The title does not go with the book. The language is very simple. Though Its not extensively descriptive, You can imagine the scenarios quite easily due to the soaking and sinking writing style. It is a lightly dark book. While the story of Ahi shoes ambition, courage and cheerfulness, the dark manuscript will make you cringe. It has an engaging beginning and is a fast paced suspense. Two things that should be mentioned, however are, the cover of the book. The cover of the book must depict the book and so I sagest a better cover for the book. Secondly, there are one or two characters in the book tat hold no importance and the book can do well without them too. In the end, i loved the book and would highly recommend to the suspense, thriller and dark fiction lovers.

Rating – 3.75/5

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