The Code Of Manavas By Arpit Bakshi

The Code Of Manavas is an introduction to our world but in a new form. We have now entered the Swarnim Yuga after the Kali Yuga after the 2050s. The modern man has been upgraded to Manavas with more abilities than the man of kaliyuga. However, Krishna, a focused man, along with his colleagues is still finding a new habitat for the Manavas due to the problems faced by Bhoomi.

The title does go with the book.

The language is complicated. The structure of the book is good but the writing style is twisted and the author has played with words. Though this upgrades the book from ‘any kind of’ book, the words used are too strong.

The book has everything in it, all emotions, duties, hardships and suspense that makes a sci-fi plus mythology interesting. The concept of a new Yuga has has given way to a new world but in my opinion, the book cannot be read by everyone due to its technical approach. 
Though the concept of this book is pretty easy to understand, the language does make it complicated. 
In the end, I would like to recommend the book to the sci-fi lovers and to the people who want to explore something new. 

Rating – 3/5

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