Yoddha by Rajat Pillai

Yoddha is a book that elaborates upon the lives of King Samudragupta and his son, Chandragupta. It gives you a detailed glimpse into the life og a king which is so calm and pleasant on the surface but so dark and turbulent deep inside. You’ll see how thier own people are so much more dangerous than anybody else. 

The title does go with the book to an extent but could have been more precise.

The language is great. It is simple. The usage of words is very satisfying, especially as a reviewer. The structure too, is great except for a little problem with the coherence. However, that problem is almost negligible.

The author has an efficient skill to describe things in a manner that gives you an idea of the scenario going on but leaves a lot to your imagination too. He has described the characters that gave a great sense of story.

It is an emotional approach to a king’s life, mainly his personal life.

There were so many moments where I went like ‘What just happened?’ You cannot miss to afford anything from the book.

In the end, I would highly recommend this book and wish you happy reading!

Rating – 4.5/5

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