Death And Dishonour by Abhimanyu Saxena and Tanmoy Basak

Arjun, a troubled man considers himself to be toxic and blames himself for everything that has gone wrong in the past and the present. He has lost everything, his love, his career, his purpose to live and is living like a dead man breathing. Until one day when one death, changes his life into a thrilling movie like life. emotionally driven by the death and spiritually backed up by father John, Arjun finds a purpose for his life, ready to take revenge and responsibility.

As I started with the book, I found the cover interesting and as I went on, the title of the book and the chapters were adding a tint of spice and excitement to the reading.

With very simple and well-written language, I started a journey on a roller coaster. It was so thrilling,one minute you are all disgusted, the other minute you are laughing and in the next minute you start cringing. As soon as I thought that I was about to find a solution, I was bashed with more mysteries. There were no errors, no lack of description or useless characters. The title did go with the book.

Just one minor negative point was that the book is little too stretched.

I was thrilled. People around me were surprised by the reactions I had while reading the book. I highly recommend it to all of you.

Rating – 4.75/5

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