The 5 A.M. Club by Robin Sharma

In The 5 A.M. Club – an entrepreneur, an artist and a homeless man meet at a seminar held by a spell-binder. All three require different things and are present there for their personal reasons and to gain positivity in general. Little did they know that their life is going to be changed forever. With a few twists and turns here and there, Robin Sharma has tried to make this Self-Help a mixture of both Fiction and Non-fiction. This book mainly tells you the importance of early rising and utilizing the first hour of the day to gain more success in every field of life along with other concepts. 
I was pretty excited for this read to see how Sharma has helped us utilize the early morning time more efficiently but discovered that is is not just about it.

Coming to the language, it is artistic, which is unusual for a Self-Help but this also makes the book a little stretchy. The book is well-structured.

While it has many concepts that are life-changing, I was pretty disappointed because I got lesser than anticipated when compared to the number of pages I read. A few chapters were entirely irrelevant to the title of the book and an avid Self-Help reader my also find repetition of some content.

However, the concepts given in the book, if implemented can change your life in a practical manner to get a world-class life. One suggestion – check out the index and read chapter wise to save time.

In the end, I suggest this book to the people who like a mixture of fiction and Non-fiction or to the beginners of Self-Help Reading.

Rating – 3.75/5

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