The Heist Artist by Vish Dhamija

Vish Dhamija has done it yet again with a different style this time. While Vish never fails to amaze readers, his writing style makes a reviewer like me forget that I am into the process of critical reading. He played the role of a ‘heist artist’ himself when it came to stealing the reader’s reality & heart and make them get lost into this story. ‘The Heist Artist’ for me was more like a duck swimming in the water – so calm and subtle on the top but paddling hard underneath. The writing style of the book is so effortless and subtle and yet, there is so much going on in the story inside. 

It is about a con man who is the best in his market and now, he stands in front of his last project which in return pays him well enough for him to live his life happily ever after. Despite being the best, the heist artist faces issues he never thought he would face and gets into situations that he has never been in before. The story takes twists and turns as the story moves ahead of how the artist completed his last piece of art.

The title clearly goes with the book.

The language, as mentioned above, is subtle, smooth and relevant to the crime fiction genre. Though yes, there are a few words here and there which may be tough fort the beginners in the reading world. 
The structure and layout is very simple and anybody can easily understand it. No complications at all when comes to reading the book.

Coming to the content, the best things about the book were two things – 
It is not male-centric. This is something that we see rarely in this genre. 
Despite being so smooth, it does give you a punch in the end.
In the end, giving my personal opinion, I loved the book. I finished it in one go not because it is short book but because it kept me well-hooked. I enjoyed the suspense element and didn’t get confused even if so much was going on. So ye, I do highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read the crime fiction or thriller genre.

Rating – 5/5

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