Crush It! by Gary Vee

I have not come across a book that shows us the importance of social media as much as this book does. It tells you how you can be happy and cash out on your passion. As time is passing by, fortunately some people are trying to get out of their comfort zone and trying to do what they really want to do. What hinders in this situation though is that it doesn’t pay you enough to live even a decent life but this book will teach you how you can build your personal brand, follow your passion and still become successful and happy in all terms!

This book is the ultimate guide for all the people who want to own it, for people who want to work for themselves and follow their passion. It gives you tips and tricks to build your personal brand and tells you how social media is the biggest asset in the present world.

When I first came to know about this book I was dying to do something of my own, trying to look for ways to do something I love to do and as the book says, it did help me crush it. 

The language is very simple, easy and raw. You can legit hear Gary Vee talk like he talks in his videos or podcasts. You can smell the authenticity and see that Gary Vee has written what he clearly follows with a very honest writing style. 

I must say that the tips and tricks given in this book are extremely useful and relevant. Though yes it is not a motivational piece at all. It is completely practical and this brings me to the point that if you don’t want to build your personal brand, this book won’t bring a lot to your table. It is work and social media centric. 

In the end, I did find the book useful and would love to recommend it to people who want to take the best advantage of social media to get what you really need and want. 

Rating – 4/5

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