Day And Night On A Milestone by Anand Krishna Panicker

Day and Night On A Milestone is the journey of the protagonist Anand from his teenage days till the days of his self-discovery and realizing the bigger picture of life. It includes his school life, love life and his life beyond his own needs. It is a fictitious book inspired by the author’s own life.

The cover and the title of the book are very soulful but unfortunately, I did not find their relation with the content of the book.

Being inspired by the author’s own life, the book is very realistic and raw. It does not have a lot of artistic writing or metaphors or beautiful illustrations which makes the book and the language pretty simple.

My favorite part of the book were the raw representation of the emotions in the form of words. It is an innocent narration of the character’s life. You really start living the character’s life because it’s relatable.

It can be considered as a fairly good read as the first attempt. It is an easy-breezy read which is pretty short and light on the head. I, however, encourage the author to increase the creativity level and revise the book for a few errors.

In the end, I do recommend this book as a one-time light headed read.

Rating – 3.25/5

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