Ikigai by Hector Garcia and Fransesc Miralles

Ikigai, a Japanese word and concept means, a reason for being. It is the reason that makes you jump out of your bed.

I personally believe that having a purpose on in life and then giving it your all is the most important to lead a happy life. This book validates so. 

Ikigai is a short but not very short book based on a Japanese concept. According to this concept, we find the deeply sown purpose of our lives from within ourselves by defining our passion, mission, vocation and profession. It gives you tips as to how the simplest things in our life, like sometimes, taking a pause, are what will give us a long and happy life.

I bought a hardcover because of it’s extremely pretty cover. The cover itself will soothe your mind whenever you look at it. The title does go with the book but personally for me, not as I thought it would.

If you are expecting it to help you find your Ikigai, give you step by step solution as to how you can find it and reward it with millions of dollars, you’ll be disappointed. This book is full of facts, real life experience from Japan’s Okinawa and compels you to focus more on you : your health, your choices, your focus and your inner happiness. It will probably be the only book you’ll come across that tells you to take it, relax, but also burn in your passion. 

The language is as simplistic and beautiful as the cover and it’s content. Not many tough words and very beginner-friendly in the reading world. The structure to is great with a prologue, 9 chapters, an epilogue and a list of more suggestions for you to explore in the end.

Coming to the overall feel of the book, it’s very cozy. You can carry this book with you at all times like a friend by you who is always to ready to inspire you but loves to care about you too. In it’s own way, it also does help you slightly to find your own Ikigai. 

I personally did not expect what I got from the book. I thought it would be a full on hustle kind of book but I felt relaxed after this read. I was ready to take on my tasks stress-free and have actually started taking good care of myself too. Though it is not something extremely crazy and different, it definitely is a one-time read for all the hustlers or non-hustlers out there who think they have to punish themselves to get what they want.

Rating – 3.75/5

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