Introduction and Update!

Hey guys! So I haven’t really introduced myself here on my blog, considering that you may have seen my website but I feel like I should do it once in a while repeatedly for all the new friends I make here. Also, I have an update to give.

My name is Anchal. I do book reviews on this platform, Libro Review. Let us first answer why I do book reviews and why did I even start in the first place. I was not an avid reader. I used to lose focus and my mind wandered a lot while reading. I saw my brother (checkout his blog if you haven’t, always lost in the world of other authors and it fascinated me. This fascination, however, was not enough for me to get started. I was facing a tough time back when I made books my friend. I was in this dark pit hole, did not know what to do about it, lacked self-love and considered every opinion on this planet. All this led me to a bad place. It as then when I started reading. I started with the first book I have reviewed, The Ultimate Gift, and was blown. That book thought me the gifts I have in life, how ungrateful I have been to overlook all of them and focus on misery. This was the spark I had not experienced since a long time but this one book made it possible. Slowly, I was getting a hang of reading. I still don’t consider myself to be some expert but yes, with a stubborn decision to become a reader, I used to read 1 page fro 1 hour to get it done with. I saw the impact of books on my life, it was a helping hand for me to get out of the pit hole and since then I have learnt a lot from books and it’s still going on. After I saw this impact on my life, I wanted to inspire people to read. To read anything. blogs, books, newspaper, depending on their interest and need. I wanted people to benefit from this precious gift we have. I wanted people to see that there is always one book that custom designed for them, that will bring out their inner peace and drive them to be successful on their own terms. So, I started with Libro Review. Let us now see how I started.

It all started very fast, in a flash, just because I decided I should do it. I was watching a football match, I had just finished reading Think And Grow Rich and was burning in a desire to execute my idea. The thought of starting Libro Review popped up in my head when the match had started and the account was created by the end of it. For a person like me who used to think through everything, discuss things with a 100 people before starting, this was fast. I had no idea as to where I will get my resources from but yes, my dad did give an iPhone SE and that was all I needed back then. Therefore, I started. I started with the idea of what I would need when I was seeking to be a reader. I would love it if somebody could tell me if a book was worth it or, customised for me or not or what I can expect from it. And I decided to do all this in a minute for people to decide which book to choose within the shortest span of time. I loved my own idea but I did not know how people would accept it which, led me to start only with Instagram. Surprisingly, Libro Review did really well. People loved the concept and told me I do it really well. I am able to catch the essence of the book and present it within a minute. I loved it. Gradually, Libro Review started converting non-readers to reader, got approached by authors and publishers for book reviews and boom! It started it’s journey towards success.

After whatever happened on Instagram, I wanted to grow my family. This resulted to the creation of my blog and YouTube Channel. And here I am, talking to you, making another new friend added to the family of Libro Review.

Time for the update! While one minute reviews have helped people a lot, I want to provide more value to people. So, I’m going to post everyday on this blog, a written peice on what I have learnt from different books and how it has helped me. So do follow Libro Review and keep in touch!

You can contact me via e-mai : info@libroreview,org
Instagram: @libroreview
Until next time!

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