How to be a nice person

2In a world where everybody wants to be successful, rich, pretty, handsome and ‘fair & lovely’, in world where we have so many influencers and motivational speakers who give you tactics to set goals and become a go-getter, becoming as simple as a nice person as become as uncommon as common sense in common people. 

Keep one thing in mind while reading ahead, all the below mentioned points are for you to implement on them instead of expecting it from other people. Be nice, you’ll attract nice people. And even if you’re not attracting nice people after being a nice person, punching someone in the gut either with words or your hand is also one of the best ways to be nice to them.

If had to put being nice into one words, I would say be kind. But let us break it into 4 parts :

  1. Greeting – As basic and common as this may sound, I’m sure you don’t greet human beings as much as you greet the street dogs and cats. The effect of greeting is intense and if done warmly and truly front he heart instead of faking it and worse, forgetting it, you will see what wonders it does. Even in the professional world, as soon as you sincerely greet, you are already ahead of all the people who either greet just to greet and the people who don’t greet at all. The tone, body language and gestures set the mood right for you to start a conversation which is going to end up being a win-win situation. So to be as loved as you are by the puppy that runs towards your feet when you are waiting for your uber, greet human beings with the same warmth as you do with the pup.
  2. Be considerate – “How are you?” Has become a mere formality. Become the best listener of that one question every time you ask it to someone and you’ll be amazed at the number of good people you’ll start meeting suddenly. Every time you talk to an old friend or a new colleague, remember they may be facing tons of shit that you don’t know an ounce of and so, be considerate enough to be as helpful and respectful you can be towards all the people possible.
  3. Remember PTSW – Please, thank you, sorry and welcome are magical words. They are like the spells Harry Potter used to create magic. It’s so rear that I see someone considerate enough to respond to my Thank you with a welcome or a nod or a smile instead of not even listening to it or saying ‘okay’. How many times have you thanked the person who throws newspaper at you doorstep every morning before you open your eyes? Remember PTSW. Also, science says that when these words are spoken, there is a certain chemical that our brain produces which is the ‘feel good’ chemical and a rush of positive vibes takes place within our bodies instantly making us joyous.
  4. Smile – The word is enough for itself. One smile, be it for someone else or yourself in the mirror can lift you up like helium. The kindness and pleasant personality you have inside you not only comes out make you more nice but also may be the only reason a person sitting in the corner of the smiles. So smile.

The 50-50-21 rule :

When you say Thank You and smile. To and at people. To and at yourself. To and at god. To and at your dog. At least 50 times a day, you’ll the difference within 21 days. 
Do tell me if you found this article useful!

Inspired by the book “The Art Of Persuasion” by Bob Burg. A book I read and reviewed long back. You can check it out here – Review of The Art Of Persuasion by Bob Burg

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