Not an issue.

A boy at the age of 2.5 years is sent to a pre-school. The child is learning to function on a pattern, do this, don’t do that. Nobody enquires about the teacher, how she is, how she reacts, does she have anger issues? And the boy is given to her at an age where his brain starts making the base for the rest of his life. After growing up, he is sacred to quit a job he hates and do something he likes, even if it is another job. He is scared to break the pattern and has anger management issues. He goes every night to the bed without thinking anything like a robot. He does not have a life! And if I want to discuss this and raise the issue, parents say – “It’s not an issue. It’s life.” 

A girl in the village has been restricted to get out of the house even if she is 16-years-old. She is made to do everything in her home, she is considered to be mature enough to cook food on the Bhatti and handle fire but immature to go to the neighbouring house to talk to a friend. She hasn’t even travelled her own village fully, forget about the country or the world. She thinks she is born just to serve her upcoming husband’s family but when I want to empower that girl and make her realise the amount of potential she has, her relatives say – “It’s not an issue. You are just obsessed with freedom because you want her to go out with guys like you do.”

Students in class 12 are out doing drugs, partying, smoking and drinking because they want to taste the thrill of life. They think they’ll get satisfaction and happiness in it because they are never taught by anyone how thrilling following your passion is especially at this age where you are free to make mistakes. When I want to address these students and guide them by telling them how work gives you the ultimate satisfaction and happiness, the principal says – “It’s not an issue. Kids these days are born like that.”

A lesbian girl cuts herself every night to get off the pain of not being accepted by her parents and the society and when I try to tell her she should stop giving a fuck to their opinions and live her life, society says – “It’s not an issue. She deserves it.”

In the end, a teenager hangs herself to death because she was suffering from depression. People said she is not good enough. She had a break up and the guy said “You’re an ugly piece of shit.” She was a 15-year-old. She kept looking for love in her family, her friends, everywhere except in herself. I tried so much to go and tell that girl to stop looking for love everywhere and practice self love. Nobody will love you till you love yourself. I wanted to help her get out of depression but the principal of her school said – “It’s not an issue. Go look for your patients at a temple. Children come to educate themselves here.”

We live in a society where all of the above situations take place each and everyday everywhere. Around us. Maybe in our neighbourhood but we don’t consider them to be an issue. What is an issue for us?

“What will people say?”

“Oh you earn only 50,000 a month?”

“I don’t own a house and a Merc.”

“My child failed in the exams.”

Wake up. Fucking wake up now. Look around yourself. Go talk to your child, your friend, try and understand their problem and listen. Fucking listen. Start addressing these issues and you will know what kind of a hell your 1 crore bungalow is for your child, what hell this society is for the LGBTQ community. Start addressing yourself, start taking care of yourself, fucking talk to yourself once in the mirror and you’ll know how scared and rotten you have become. What hell your own mind has become because of lack of care and you keep trying to escape it. 

Wake up. IT IS AN ISSUE.

This article is inspired by a mix of a lot of content I have read in various books and is tough to name one book. It is from my heart. If you think it is something worth dwelling upon, please do share it with all your friends and family.

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2 thoughts on “Not an issue.

  1. Problem with general Indian households is they over protect girls and do not care about boys. Others who think they are sophisticated, burden their children with hell lot of expectations. And if something can change things, it is our education system. But unfortunately that itself needs a lot of improvement. And for education system to improve we need broad minded teachers. Hope atleast this generation grows up to that level 🙏

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