Trapped by Rajat Chakraborty

Genre – Non-Fiction (Self-help)

We always feel trapped in the world around us. No matter at what stage of life we are, school, collage, work, family, there comes a point when we get tired and want to quit but can’t and don’t even know what to do. Why? This book will tell you the reason and the solution to not being trapped.

Trapped is a self-help divided into 2 parts. The first tells us how we are trapped, what we can do be un-trapped and guides us towards observing ourselves, self-awareness and finding our talent. Working hard on the talent you posses or have developed since childhood is way better that struggling at something just for some short-term benefits. The second part is a compilation of experiences and advices of various happy and successful people from different fields.

The title is average for the book and the cover does no justice. A better cover and title may attract more people towards this book. The readers will get more idea of what to expect from the book with a better outward layout.

The language is fairly simple. Easy words. The structuring is done very well and is remarkable. It is done step by step and the the partition is well thought of. It makes it easy for the reader to understand the whole point of the book. It also has cute little pictures that add humour and sarcasm to the book. 

The content is a mixture of personal teachings, experiences with examples proving the point from various other books and speeches. 

Coming to my personal opinion, I did like the book. I got to know 2-3 points about talent and hard work and their combination which were new. I haven’t read them anywhere else. Apart from those points, though, there was nothing crazy. My favorite part was the fire in the book. The will to bring change, the passion to influence youngsters towards goodness touched me straight to my heart.

In the end, I would recommend this book to the youngsters, especially to those who are just beginning with their life decisions. 

Rating – 3.75/5

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