The Day That Nothing Happened by Sonal Sehgal

How tough has it been for people like me to read Sci-Fi? Very tough. But not anymore! The Day That Nothing Happened is a Sci-Fi written for both lovers and non-lovers of Sci-fi in a lay-man yet penetrating language. It’s a story of the the extra accommodated day where the world goes of and a portal to the parallel universe goes on, a story of a day that is not registered as a day in the calendars but changes the live of the four characters of the book, a day when the 4 lovers try to find their happy ending.

The language is very simple and anybody can comprehend it. I crave such easy-to-understand language in the Sci-Fi Genre.

The cover and the title are a perfect fir for the book and let me put it out there, I love the cover.

While the entire book will have you stuck to it, the ending may be disappointing for some people as it was for me. I understand what the author tried to do but it could be way better and elaborated like the rest of the book.

However, in the end, I would love to recommend this book especially to beginners in the Sci-Fi book genre.

Rating – 4/5

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