Take Action

Once you realise what the problem is, look for the solution. Once you know what the solution is, take action. The motivational speakers are right. Take action.

He is someone I never thought I would fall in love with. The kind of person I mean. Men with a moustache and studs and beads don’t really please me. Men who smoke are men I hate. I don’t know what is drawing me towards him. His warmth, his kindness, his hustle matches mine. But these are not the things that draw me towards him.

It’s the way in which he looks at me.

For so many years people have always thought that I should be taught. I should be helped. I don’t blame them or accuse them for thinking so. They just want good for me. What they don’t understand is that maybe what they think is good for me is not what makes me feel good. The way in which they help may not be helping me.

Maybe all I need is love instead of help. If only someone could believe in me instead of pitying me for my problems. If only someone could help me strengthen my strong points instead of focusing on the weak. 

The way he looks at me portrays all of the above. He looks at me with respect, with belief in me. He looks at my strengths and helps me focus on them. He looks at me with love. Not the Oh-she-is-so-sad-let-me-love-her-and-help-her-get-happy love, but the oh-she-is-good-I-love-her love. Something I wanted since a thousand years. When I look into his eyes, I see a sky full of stars, the space full of all the celestial bodies. His eyes lift me up. He makes my fly and break everything that is holding me back.

I have fallen in love with him.

His kindness helps me bring out the long forgotten kindness I had before I started using my rudeness as my defence mechanism. I start smiling for real instead of frowning. People start smiling at me more than having a scared look towards my rudeness. I start dressing up for him. I hum the songs he sends everyday. I love his taste in music. I hug more often. 

I have stopped cutting.

He has stopped smoking.

I share whatever I feel with him without being shy and scared that he’ll judge me. He makes me realise what I am going through is nothing but depression. It is a mental illness and can be cured just like any other physical illness. There is no shame is speaking about this to anyone. Moreover, its amazing to speak about it. Sharing what you feel won’t only help the person in depression but also help people going through the same come out more easily. He tells me how while we are at the top of our game, 300 million people are suffering though depression and apparently, India tops the list. He says it with the same look in his eyes, the look that makes me feel like the strongest woman on this planet. I listen to him. I take action. I go to a doctor, then a therapist, have my medicines on time and follow what the doctor says. I heal. I feel better. I feel. I am not blank anymore. My clothes are not just blacks and whites anymore. I don’t melt under the shower anymore. I look forward to the day. To do my work. To meet him. Suddenly the lavender smell makes me fall asleep. The positive affirmation makes me feel peaceful. Healthy food allures me.

I realise, depression kills. But only when you don’t take the right actions.

This is a fictitious piece. Last part. I’m sure the entire story will have you more aware than before. I’m sure you’ll get more context if you read (click) PART 1 HERE , (click) PART TWO HERE,
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