Mind Full To Mindful By Om Swami

Genre – Non-Fiction (Wellness)

No. Of pages – 180

Rating – 4/5

So many people crave being spiritual, others run away from it thinking it may lead them to become a sanyasi. Spirituality is slowly taking the shape of some religion but what we don’t know is that spirituality is not a set of rituals to follow to get somewhere, to get to some place. It is doing nothing. It is being yourself, doing nothing, not dying to reach a stage and simply flowing with life. Everybody, in some or the other aspect of life is very spiritual, knowingly or unknowingly.

Mind Full To Mindful is a book based on the teaching of Buddha and Zen. It teaches you the art of being spiritual and calm and peaceful by following the “no rituals or dogma following” policy. It includes a few types of zen meditation that change our perception towards meditation. It also comprises of a few Zen elements that we can incorporate in our lives and lead a happy, peaceful and mindful life. Mindfulness is the top most priority of this book.

The title of this book is witty and relevant to the content of the book. I, personally, have become so calm, comparatively less stressed and very mindful about the tasks I do. The cover of the book is very eye-catchy and the book does justice to it. You won’t regret buying the book because of it’s peaceful cover and not learn how you can be peaceful.

The language is so not monk-like. The author is a monk, which may lead you to think that the words used in the book will all go above your comprehensive capacity but it is not so. It has easy words, a lot of humour and a lot of tips and tricks. This monk-ish book is my favorite monk-ish book in terms of language.

The content focuses on mindfulness, gratitude, peace and spirituality. It breaks the myths we have for spirituality, teaches us love, compassion, and mediations like Zazen etc. However, at some points in the book, some impractical things (for the competitive world) is mentioned and may not be easy for you to implement in your life.

My opinion on this book is clear – it is my favorite mindful book. I have already started wearing a beads bracelet on my hand to remind myself to be mindful all the time, I have quit multi-tasking and surprisingly, I have started producing more. Except for some impractical concepts (which are very few), I love the book and would definitely recommend it to the people who need peace in life and think that spirituality is a tough nut to crack.

Amazon Link – https://amzn.to/2Ko8u4q

Rating – 4/5

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