100 Conversations You Need To Have by Perry Giuseppe Rizopoulos

Genre – Non-Fiction (Pack of 3)

Rating – 4/5

Questioning yourself and self analysis is extremely important for growth, happiness and satisfaction in any field. These books will help you do that.

100 Conversations You Need To Have is a set of three books comprising a Philosophy guide for daily growth, the stoic philosophy guide for daily growth and the Chinese philosophy guide for daily growth. All three books have 100 questions and a blank page for you to answer. Further more, it gives the Philosophy’s response to the same questions and a blank page for you to document your comments. 

First of all, this is an amazing concept. The covers of all three books are flawless. The colours are very calm, vibrant and so beautiful. The title vey well goes with the book with the question and answer and philosophical responses in the book.

Nothing much can be said about the language as it has very simple questions only. The Philosophy’s response may get tough for some people to decipher but that too, is not extravagantly complex.

Coming to the content, excellent concept with very thought provoking questions. It has all questions that should definitely be analysed by all human beings everyday. I would suggest you to not answer all the questions at once, take one question a day so that you get enough space in your brain and day to let the entire process take place slowly and wholely. 

One thing to mention is that it would be great if the Philosophy’s response would have been a little more elaborated. It could be more easily understood then.

I personally loved the book. I have been striking of one question a day and it has helped me a lot in self analysis. I suggest you to use a pencil while writing the answers so that you can reuse the book, first by seeing your old answer and checking on all the progress you have made and then, by recording your new answer. I’m doing the same.

In the end, I would love to recommend this book to literally everybody. It’s a must for the libraries of every human being.

Amazon Link – https://amzn.to/2XfSeE7

Rating – 4/5

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