Life In The Sunshine by T.Sathish

Genre – Fiction

No. Of pages – 211

I am a sports fan. I have been around sports fans and I know what kind of impact a sport can have on someone. Though I have been a football fan majorly, I think that cricket covers a larger part of our country’s love and so, I can say that this book is the autobiography of every cricket fan. Most of the guys in their teenage or early twenties will relate too much with the book, while the people of other age group will drown in their memories. 

Life In The Sunshine is about three teenagers who call themselves the ‘Sundae Gang’ – Sat, Sam and Trib. They are super connected to cricket and dream of having some or the other role in cricket as a career. Entirely devoted to cricket, they eat and sleep just to fulfil this desire and cricket in return has given them lessons for life and major gifts that they enjoy forever. Wether their desire gets fulfilled or not is a question that can only be answered in the book.

Title time! Titles are my favorite part because it gives the essence of the book. The title of this book makes it even more interesting. The book’s content has no relation with sunshine etc. but the author has compelled the title to be in accordance with the book. You will really  like how he did that and know how, read the Prologue for sure.

Coming to the language, it is simple with a touch of humour and sarcasm to it. The entire book gives off a witty vibe (another reason why it becomes relatable especially for Indians). The writing style is authentic and real, the author is himself during the entire book which is great. However, the book lacks in character development and describing the emotions accurately. The book reflects the love for the sport of cricket and therefore, the emotions play a big role but are not well-justified. As this a debutant book, I encourage the author to not keep his pen down and keep writing for greater content.

The content is very cricket-friendly. A lot of important matches (including India-Pakistan) have been described well and related the character’s life. This concept is interesting and the book is a piece of cake for all cricket lovers. The build of excitement towards the end is commendable. (Read the book to know why)

I enjoyed the book. I have been through many stages that Sat ha gone through, I have taken similar lessons as the ‘Sundae Gang’ did from the sport and the inner sports fan in me did connect with the character of the book. However, the book is a little too cricket-friendly – not a bad thing considering that the author knew exactly the kind of audience is targeting – because of which I was not able to connect at some places. Therefore, if you are not a cricket fan at all, do not pick up this book. In the end, I recommend this book to every Cricket lover, especially in India and also to the lovers around the world.

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Rating – 3.5/5

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