Behind The Crimson Tears by Avisek

Genre – Fiction

Sometimes having happy relations and a moderate life makes us forget that as a society, we have many dark pit holes to mend. This beautifully devastating piece of writing will bring your attention back to it.

Behind The Crimson Tears is a book about three friends – Moksh, Alisha and Vineet who have got together for a get together after a really long time. As they say each other, they become cheerful land happy but this meeting also becomes the centre of the dark revelations of their horrifying pasts. Their pasts include domestic violence, murder, sexual assault, regret and long lost love. Love, for these three, is the worst thing that has happened to them and this book reveals why it is so.

Talking about the cover and the title of the book – the cover is perfect. It portrays exactly what the book as to give, is eye-catchy and people who judge the book by it’s cover won’t regret buying this book. However, the title is not very relevant to the book. Yes, it is artistic and gives of the vibe of the book you cannot judge what they book may present from the tile. However, the mysteriousness can add an extra point for people who want to be shook.

The content is dark, negative, and I would it rate it as a 16+ book. It is very raw, saddening, it may make you cringe and you may say that it’s not good to put out such content but hey, this is the unfortunate truth of the society. Everything is explained very well, at places – overly well – and has enough potential to make your head heavy by the end of the book. It is not a light read from any angle. However, I do think that it is very important to talk about and take actions on such topics and Avisek’s book is a great catalyst for this.

The language is simple but a lot of room for improvement is there. There a few tough words unnecessarily and some words have been repeated quite a few time. The emotional part of the book is also exaggerated at some points. A good editor can lift the book to another level. The book can be read by a beginner or avid reader. At times I did feel that the book is a little too much on the bold side because of which the audience reach can be reduced. If it was a little more simplified, the reach could have been greater.

In the end, I would like to recommend this book to anyone who can take a heavy and dark read because the basic concept of the book is very important to be spread.

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Rating – 3.5/5

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