“I Hate My Job.”

As a book reviewer, I often post quotes from the books I read onto Instagram stories. One such quote was – “Everyday is a new day. We brush our teeth, put on fresh clothes, take a bath and so on. We eat fresh food, but we are not mentally fresh: we are carrying the same emotions from yesterday, the day before and the preceding weeks, months, years and decades before that. It’s pointless.” After I posted it, I got a message from a viewer saying : “you don’t know anything about a common man’s life. When you have to do a job, take on responsibilities, you’ll know.” This entire episode instilled a question in my mind, why do people treat their jobs to be the worst aspects of their life?

Job is said to be a task performed by people that they are paid for. 9-5 jobs have more or less become stereotyped by the society as boring, dull and dispassionate. So many people are quitting their jobs to pursue their ‘passion’ and we often hear the phrases “I hate my job!” However, I firmly believe that people who own businesses also do jobs. They put in their efforts and ideas and are paid with the profit for it. An artist too, does a job, even if it is independent – he is his own boss, does the labour and earns from it. Just like the best employee, actors too, get their ‘best actor’ award. There are a lot of people who are pursuing their passion by JUST. DOING. THEIR. JOB.

After some thought, I came down to three conclusions as to why people are doing the job they do. First, you love the tasks given in that job (the payment is a cherry on the cake), you want to learn, practise and perfect your skill under the experts of the field. The experts are your guide, mentor, coach and guru. Second, you are in need of money. You have got bills to pay or a family to take care of or some basic needs to be fulfilled. Third, you are doing it because you have a lot of time and you want to do something constructive instead of watching Netflix and chilling. I could personally not find any other reason, if you do, let me know.

In any of the cases above, you have all reasons to be grateful for having the job you have, doing it with as much passion and honesty as possible and stop cribbing about it. In the first case, you are doing what you love. Moreover, you have got some of the experts (even if they are a tough nut to crack) to guide through your actions and make you a more skilled person than you are. In the second scene, your job is giving you the money to pay your bills or to feed yourself and your family or to fulfil all your basic needs. The job you say you hate, is the sole reason why you at least don’t go to sleep hungry and have decent clothes to wear. It pays the fees of your child’s school and gives you enough money to have decent food and pure water. How can you crib about something that you owe your lifestyle too? In the third case, if you are doing a job just to kill time in a constructive manner, you have complete choice to choose your job. There is no reason for you to stress over the tasks and go sleepless unless you actually want to do so.

After this entire analysis, I also thought over the fact that millions of people are jobless in the present times. Not just for money, but people can take on any job just to make themselves more skilled or to kill their time. Not having something to do, lying around in the house having chips and coke all day is nothing lesser than hell. If you don’t believe me, quit everything you do and stay at home with all luxury for 1 month with your Netflix. Tell me how you feel after a month. 

Jobs, work, or the ability to do any kind of action and create is the most precious gift of life. It is the essence of our joy, the exercise for our existence. The lack of these actions results to lack of the rush in your blood. What troubles you is your choice. Your choice of job, your choice of discipline, your choice of skills, your choice of lifestyle or your choice of how you look at things. Your job cannot make you happy or sad, your choice can.

Heartbeats are the proof of life. The more you do what you are grateful for, the more you can hear your heartbeats and the more alive you are. Be grateful for what you have. Be grateful for that job. Even if it is something you don’t want to do, make a choice to make yourself skilled and capable enough to do what you love with the help of your job, waste the least amount of time and you will have what you require. But before anything, be grateful for that job you have got no matter what the reason is. STOP HATING YOUR JOB.

I will be more than happy to hear your thoughts on this topic. It surely is an important topic to ponder upon. I hope I played my small part in trying to open the gateways of more perspectives for you. Do give Libro Review a follow for more such articles and video book reviews within a minute! The quote I have mentioned in this article is from the book “Mind Full To Mindful” by Om Swami. You can click here for the video and written review! Please don’t forget to share this article with all your friends and family if you think it is worth it.

Until next time!

2 thoughts on ““I Hate My Job.”

  1. Sometimes people get into certain jobs because of the need to earn money. So there is obviously no love for the job. But nobody has the right to tell another person “You don’t know anything about responsibilities”. Everyone has their own responsibilities depending on their age and situation. Responsibilities change with time. That doesn’t make anyone less worthy of doing something. Go ahead with your work and ignore such comments. ☺️


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