The Cloudburst by Rajesh Naiksatam

Genre – Fiction

No. Of pages – 176

In this development era, human beings often think that they can surpass the strength of mother nature but mother nature proves us all wrong. She truly is a mother. We do anything and everything for our own sake not caring about her but she never stops providing. However, when she is at rage, we tiny tiny humans have nothing in our power that can stop her except her own lessons – courage, love, and integrity. This is the essence of this book.

The Cloudburst is about a time when the Mumbai city had been hit by a cloudburst and 9 people are stuck in an old vadapav shack. These people are a group of 8 children – Ganpu being the shack owner – and one teacher who teaches in the school nearby. The parents of these children are troubled at their own locations. This book takes us on a roller coaster ride of if and how they are saved, what their parents do and what the condition of our mother nature and India is.

The title and the cover of the book are both disappointing. There are no efforts put into the cover of the book, it is not attractive at all, moreover it may compel you to not buy the book (don’t get influenced by it though). The title is relevant to the concept of the book but it’s not very catchy. 

The language is easy with relevant glossary, can be easily understood. It is well-structured too. The content is very stretched. The number of pages could easily have been reduced because of which the impact could have been greater. The character development and description too, is super great but there are too many characters and describing all of them with so many details just makes the entire reading process more tiering.

The content touches upon some really important issues related to the country, mother nature and human nature in general. The sarcastic way of putting down certain events, reflection upon the current scenario in our country and portraying how a human being’s ego can be brought down to nothing is all greatly done. The best element of the book was the constant emotional touch to the entire book which was very gripping.

In the end, I would say that the concept of the book, even though a little predictable and stretched is good but it can be boring and so, I recommend it as a one time read but not very highly.

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Rating – 2.5/5

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