Done With Her by Chirasree Bose

Genre – Fiction (Mystery/Thriller)

No. Of pages – 86

Reading the first few pages, you may go like “What? What am I reading?” but just after very few pages, the book starts to crawl up your heart and brain.

Done with her is a book about 1 girl and 3 guys. One of the three men see the women he has had a past with in his new office, but that girl is not actually that girl, she is someone else. All these characters have an entwined past and meet in different circumstances to eventually give a completely different result. I will not go deeper into the story of the book because I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but I can assure one this that this book is a very creepy one.

The title of the book was slightly relevant with the book, I did find a connection with the content but could have been better. The cover on the other hand gives off the entire feel of the content, is catchy and can make anybody pick up the book at once.

Coming to the language of the book, it’s simple and easy except two minor difficulties : 1 – Usage of ‘not very necessary tough words’ and 2 – it takes some time to realise who is narrating the story for every chapter because there is nothing in the beginning of the chapter that can determine the difference among the various narrations. Also, there are 3-4 grammatical errors, very few but should be taken care of. It is a short book and can be read in almost sitting.

The plot of the book is superb! It’s amazing and a series can easily be filmed out of this thrilling, mind blowing plot. The suspense element has been very well maintained till the end of the book and so, it keeps the reader engaged. You may also creep out a little. The end especially was the most gripping part and gives a very powerful message for the society. However, the book was a little too fast paced for the readers to grab the thud properly. Such an amazing plot, if written with a little more elaboration, can blow our mind out for at least 3-4 days.

Coming to my personal experience, I was very well immersed into the book and also experienced some scary moments while reading the book. I would love to recommend this book especially to the thriller lovers even if they are not avid readers.

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Rating – 3.5/5

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