BESTSELLER by Ahmed Faiyaz

Genre – Fiction 

No. Of pages – 190

It is so easy for us to buy, open and read a bestselling book and enjoy it to the fullest. What we sometimes forget is the amount of hard work, man power and efforts that have been put into making a mere manuscript (sometimes first drafts) into a bestselling book. Now that you are thinking about the whole publishing process, do you know what actually goes on in the publishing world of India? Bestseller by Ahmed Faiyaz will surely give an apt idea.

BestSeller is a book about Akshay Mathur who has moved out to India from the UK. Being an ex-editor in the UK, he now has the responsibility of producing 5 bestseller within 1 year to turn things around at the Kalim publishers. This book is not just the journey of how he manages to publish these five bestsellers, but also about how Akshay digs into his own self to find out what his priorities in life actually are, what he really wants and how he works hard along with his love Zorah, to find out a way to achieve everything.

One cannot think of a more appropriate title and cover for this book. It could easily be anything else that would be relevant to the content, but this one is not just relevant but attractive, catchy, gives away a lot of the story yet keeps a lot to it self. Basically, it really draws the reader to actually open the book and see what it’s all about.

Coming to the language, it is super sarcastic and witty. The representation of what the protagonist is saying and what he is actually thinking at the same time is done in an efficient manner. Yes, easier glossary could have been used at some places to make the read more simplified. The character development is apt for all the characters. One thing to mention would be the repetition of one kind of emotion (agitation) for an elongated period of time in beginning of the book. It does change after a certain period, but the reader may get just a little weary reading the same kind of emotion again and again.

The content of the book, as mentioned above, is actually the raw, underlying truth of the publishing industry of India packed into a baggage sarcasm and comedy. It has a well thought plot. It is commendable how the author managed to put out such serious issues in such a subtle and funny manner, enough for some people (who don’t want to) to not even get what the seriousness is. This makes the book readable for both kinds of readers : who are looking for something serious or those who want to laugh their time out for sometime.

I, personally, laughed a lot while reading it but also discovered a lot about publishing. I did not like the characterisation of the women at many places and the landing of some important scenes was not satisfying too. Apart from these two things, the book has done a great job. I would love to recommend this book to people who either want a light and funny read or want to get a glimpse of what is going on in the publishing world.

Rating – 4.25/5

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