A Rural Coincidence by Debjeet Mukherjee

Genre – Fiction (Short Story)

No. Of pages – 10

Rating – 4.5/5

Have you ever looked at a rural folk at some work place and thought that your work will be easier now? Because it’s easy to trick the rural folks? Well, I believe that because of living in the urban life we often forget what the rural life can look like. This book will make sure to give you a deeper understanding of the rural folks in a show and fictitious manner.

A Rural Coincidence is about a man named Sunderlal who is about to commit suicide but a lot of twists and turns take place. A simple man with simple needs doesn’t really have a very simple life. Later in the book, we also see the different turn of events in many other lives of the rural world.

The cover of the book is mesmerising. The different hues of orange and red will definitely make you picture the entire story in a rural area. Though yes, a caricature of the village that is being talked about could enhance the entire imagination process. The title of the book is relevant to the content of the book because everything in this book seems to be a planned rural coincidence.

The language is lucid, easy going with easy words. The writing style is very appropriate to the whole theme of the book because of which any rural who just knows how to read a little can easily understand and relate with the story at many levels. It has been woven precisely but yes, you may have to read the book twice to decipher the entire message if you are not an avid reader.

The content is enriching. Why I say this is because the book just has 10 pages – an avid reader can read it within 10 minutes – yet it gives many messages to take away in the end. IT’s not just another short story you read on the go, it makes you think about how the human nature, in general, twists and turns according to the environment.

I personally enjoyed the book. I finished it within 10-12 minutes after is arrival due to it’s beautiful cover and fortunately, I was not disappointed. I loved the feeling of earthly smell and images of matkas on the women’s hips that appeared in my head. So yes, I do recommend the book to the mad short story lovers.

Amazon Link – https://amzn.to/2Hw6SC7

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