Shahar Me Shayar me Anshuman Kuthiyala

Genre – Fiction (Gazal Sangrah)

No. Of pages – 75

Rating – 4/5

If you are from an India family, at some or the other point of time, you must have listened to Ghazals playing on the radio or even YouTube now. Ghazals have been integral part of Indian families since a long, long time now. It has been for my family at least and getting to read it in a physical form just enhanced the entire experience.

Shahar me Shayar is a collection of Hindi-poetry or what you call as ghazals in Hindi and Urdu. It has been divided into three sections and each section touches upon different kinds of emotions and other aspects of life.

The cover of the book depicts nothing in relation with the book. However, as a reader, you can relate the abstractism in the poetry to the abstractism on the cover. The cover must be improved for a better first impression. The title definitely goes with the book because the phrase ‘Shahar me shayar’ is the centre of a lot of pieces in the book.

Coming to the language, it is usually kind of complex and tough to decipher the meaning of ghazals because they carry a deep meaning within it but, in this book, the words and writing  style are comparatively simpler to understand and still keep the depth safe within it. A few tough words have been used but many of the meanings are written at the end of the required page.

The content is very emotionally touching and makes you go deep into the untouched places in your heart. They are super rhythmic and satisfying. The one word desired out of the mouth after reading a ghazal is ‘waah’ and that does happen with this book.

I personally loved diving into this new genre of books. It was a lot of fun to read what I have been listening to since childhood. Therefore, I do recommend this book to all the ghazal-lovers out there or to the people who are into Hindi poetry.

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