Cocoa Truths by Sadiya Sultana

Genre – Fiction (Poetry)

No. Of pages – 24

Rating – 3/5

Truth is usually said to be bitter. What we don’t see is how that truth liberates the true meaning of life and is the sweetest thing happening to us. However, this book unravels the true taste of truth – bitter sweet – leaves us in awe of the cocoa truths around us.

Cocoa Truths is a collection of poetry. It has a poetry for each person from every walk of life. There is a poetry for the foodie, for the loner and the heartbroken. A poetry for the Casanova and the mommies to be. It surely is a diversified collection but what remains constant is the bitter sweet truth in each poetry.

The title, as mentioned above, clearly goes with the book. No other analogy for the taste of truth could have been better than cocoa itself. The cover, however, can be very much enhanced for a better outer look. The current cover is not bad, it is very pretty, but the relevance of the cover with the book can be markably increased.

The language is easy at some places and a little complex at other places. Some of the poems are deep yet the meaning can be caught easily while some poems are a little tough to decipher. The writing style is good with a great feel, but the creativity with the style felt a little choked at some places. 

The plot of each poetry is very deep, but the depth doesn’t flash clearly due to the lack of creativity. I encourage the author to dig deeper into her creative bag and let it flow more easily. The flow of creativity, if left free, can take the poetry to another level.

It is a very short book and can be read in one sitting but have a bite of the cocoa truths one by one, slowly, will make you enjoy the book in a more efficient manner. I did the same. Though I did finish the book as soon as it arrived, I read it twice and thrice and the book was opening itself up in front me slowly. The entire experience was great. I would love to see a more liberated form of writing with the same depth of ideas from the author.

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