Still loved..Still Missed! by Mridula

Genre – Fiction (Collection of Short Stories and Poetry)

No. Of pages – 75

Rating – 3/5

Non-living objects or inanimate things can be our best teachers. In our daily lives, we are so busy with all the race among all the moving things (including human being) going on around us, we rarely see what a simple coracle, our dreams, a flower or broken crayons can teach us. However, this book has brought many such things to life.

Still Loved, Still Missed! Is a collection of 14 short stories and a poem. The book has brought many inanimate things to life and teaches us morals through the stories of these things or objects. Not only this, it also touches upon some stories that make you question your love, your emotions and your perception. 

The title of the book is the name of one of the short stories in the book. The title could have been chosen to be a better one, a more thoughtful story among the other 14. The look of the cover is as subtle as it’s content, very elegant and soulful yet simple. 

The language is tough. When I say tough, I don’t mean that the words used are tough or it is tough to read. I mean to say that each story carries a message, a deep meaning to be deciphered and that can be tough for a few of you. You can read the book in two ways – like a bedtime storybook, not trying to get anything out of it except some good reading and smiles, or, it can be read as a book that gives you moral lessons at the end. The moral lessons, however, are tough to decipher.

The concept of the book is thoughtful. I can see the observational skills along with the creative quotient of the author in the content of this book. However, though the concept is amazing, the creativity in the writing was lacking and a lot more improvement can be done on that part. 

It was a 50-50 book for me. I loves some stories, I loved the concept, but some stories lacked grounding and a firm base. However, in the end, I would recommend this book to people who want loved the bedtime stories as kids because this book is a collection of bedtime stories for adults.

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