Sniper’s Eye by Mainak Dhar

Genre – Fiction (Thriller)

No. Of pages – 224

Rating – 5/5

You wake up in the morning with our entire day planned. You go to a mall to maybe see your friends or on a date, everything is planned and going well so far. Suddenly, one small action of yours turns the pages of your life to a chapter that you never thought existed. How do you feel? This book tells you exactly what it feels like to have your thrilling heart in your mouth all the time.

Sniper’s Eye is a book about a man named Aaditya who has been living a sorted life since a few years now. He has Zoya whom he really loves, a secure job and a decent lifestyle. What people don’t see is that he has a hidden past just like the hidden scars on his body. One fine day, when everything is going as planned, one shot from a sniper’s gun unleashes his scars and the past he had been hiding since all these years. This book is his journey after that one shot.

The cover of the book is full of suspense and leaves the reader to wonder what the entire shot and kill is about. It doesn’t really giveaway anything about the plot but is suitable enough. The title, yet again, will not help you judge what the book has got in store.

The language is inclusive of simple storytelling and creative writing. A bit of sarcasm, a lot of tension, feeling of love, everything has been beautifully penned down with apt adjectives and description. The first line, followed by the entire book, keeps the reader hooked to the book. A great opening. The author has weaved the story in a leading manner – he leaves a lot of clues in the beginning that needs to be solved further in the book and so, it leads the reader to keep reading. There is a usage of a few tough words for the beginners but a few google searches will be just fine for them.

The content is not just a thrilling story, it has a lot of lessons and it also express the tension between Pakistan and India. It is inspiring, thrilling, engaging, keeps you on your toes and one of the best thrillers by an Indian author.

I read the first line and smiled. The writing style is so beautiful and includes all kinds of emotions. It was like a I’m watching an F1 race and different opponents are competing at different times and I just cannot wait to see the results. I love how the book instilled the emotions of patriotism, friendship, enmity, love and responsibility. It was one hell of a read for me. I suggest it as a must read for anyone who likes thrillers and feels for the country.

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