The Mahzur by Dr. Henana Berjes

Genre – Fiction (Romantic thriller)

No. Of pages – 232

Rating – 4.5/5

Love, in it’s purest form, is nothing less than divine power. Love gives life to life and meaning to death. It knows no boundaries. It makes you a person you never thought you were. You do things you never thought you could do. You break and make rules that had no meaning to you. You become a whole new person. You discover qualities that did not exist. Love is crazy yet sensible, it makes you the weakest yet the strongest. This book is a story of the kind of love that believes in nothing but each other and their love.

The Mahzur is a love story of Sarah and Ahmed where both of them are from different clans of the society and yet, they fall in love. It is a story of love and loss. A story of how Ahmed and Sarah stay and fight together for their love.

The title very well goes with the book. Mahzur means ‘rejection’ in English and it is the story of the forbidden love of Ahmed and Sarah. It is full of rebellion. The cover gives of the middle-eastern vibe but has no relation with the book. Therefore, re-evaluation of the cover is suggested.

The language is intense but easily comprehensible. There is a glossary at the end of the book for all the Urdu words. The usage of the Urdu words adds a middle-eastern texture to the whole writing style. The writing style is commendable – the story has been weaved from different places and times very efficiently. However, the only lacking point in the entire book were the grammatical and punctuation errors – it also killed the essence of various scenes and some places. A few sentences have been repeated. Better editing can surely enhance this piece of art. One of the best things was the portrayal of various emotions in the entire story. Certain parts were cliche and yet, the writing style and structuring did not make it feel cliche at all. There is no exaggeration and yet, there is enough description of what the character must be feeling at that moment. This is one of the books that you connect with instantly.

The content of the book is a mix of rebel, love and hate. The characters have been developed brilliantly and the development of different relations is even better. It reflects the depth of friendship, love, sisterly love, friendly love, enmity, hate-love etc. The clash between the clans adds a dramatic flavour to the entire story and the twists and turns make you go wow. It also talks about various social social issues in a very subtle manner. The story, however, is beautifully broken.

I cried at the end of the book. First, I was in a state of shock, then I cried, and then I tried to share my pain with all my family members because it was overwhelming for me. I believe its one of the best romantic books I HAVE EVER READ. So yes, anyone who loves love stories or romantic thrillers must must must read this book.

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