Prisoner Of Yakutsk by Shreyas Bhave

Genre – Fiction (Historic Thriller)

No. Of pages – 288

Rating – 4.5/5

One of the greatest Indian Freedom Fighter, head of the INA and well-known as Netaji. These are some associations we have in our heart with the name Subhash Chandra Bose. But another reason why we all remember him is because of the conspiracies related to his unknown death. He was one of the greatest son of Mother India and yet, the reason of his death is still unknown. Did he die in a plane crash? Did he go missing? Did someone kidnap him? Is he still alive and hidden in India? Prisoner Of Yakutsk by Shreyas Bhave is a fictitious attempt to clear out this conspiracy up to a certain extent.

Prisoner Of Yakutsk is the story of Jay who is trying to find the truth of his grand-parents’ death. His journey starts with the mission of finding his grand parents but turns out to become a national mission of revealing the truth about the death of Subhas Chandra Bose. Another storyline proceeds in parallel to Jay’s story that is trying to find out what actually happened to Netaji. Both the stories, in the end, try to solve the biggest national mystery.

The cover and title of the book are very attractive and in complete relation to the content of the book. The title, for some people, makes the book a little predictable.

The language of the book is a little complex for non-avid readers. As there are two stories going on in parallel to another, it may get tough for them to keep a track of the narration. It is simple for the avid readers. Also, it is a piece of cake for anybody who loves history or thriller. The story travels from this place to another and that time to another time within different chapters. The reader gets to feel two kinds of timelines – old and new. The writing style is suspicious and leaves the reader hanging at some places because of which, you just can’t put the book down. Even though the book is. slightly on the longer side, I read the book in one go because of the suspense element. The best thing is the easy and simple language. It will not let you get bored at any point of time.

The characters have been developed well with enough description to imagine him/her. There are no loops, no errors, no exaggeration or useless content. The book is quite realistic and relevant to the topic taken. The only thing to mention is that the ending quite confusing and not as relevant as the book. It could have been more developed and elaborated. 

As I mentioned, I finished the book in one go even if it took an entire night to do so because I was incapable of keeping the book down. I don’t personally like historic fiction a lot because it is very lengthy and the writing style is super dramatic. However, the book proved me wrong and has compelled me to read more of Historic content. The questionable element of wether the mentioned death of Bose is true or not, just made me more curious to look deeper into this matter. Therefore, I would love to recommend this book as  a must read to historic thriller lovers or avid readers. People who want to explore a different genre may also pick it up. Non-avid readers can pass it.

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