The Mind Game by Devika Das

Genre – Non-Fiction (Self-Help)

No. Of pages – 203

Rating – 4/5

Speaking from personal experience, when we want to get something especially validation on certain actions and thoughts, we are ready from all perspectives but lack the emotional quotient to cope with the results. Our mind plays tricks with us and we often get caught up, even if we may have scored 99/100 in our 12th boards. This book teaches us exactly what is important to survive in the world where emotional quotient has started holding more importance day by day.

The Mind Game is a self-help that gives us lessons on emotional quotient, how we can manage our anger, what simple living is, how it helps us, how we can have a happy and productive life and work place, etc. It teaches us how to master our emotions, learn the game of our mind and play the game to our benefit to be a happier self.

The title is relevant because of the above mentioned reasons.

The language is easy, very theoretical and informative. The writing style gives off helpful vibes and the book is a combination of theory and inspiration. As it is full of theory, the book does get boring at a few places. The start and end of the book is interesting though with a lot of action steps given. The structuring is great and the division into sections makes it easier for the reader to do efficient and productive reading. However, some titles of the sections were not relevant to the content in the section. The content expressed something that was more relevant in some other section. This problem makes it difficult to stick with the book for avid readers or people who are not into self-help.

The content brings a lot of new things to the table. It is super practical at some places and the theoretical backs up the practicality. It is very important for every person with needs of emotional stability to read this kind of content. I loved the book and took more time than usual to read it because of its relevance to our current needs. Therefore, I recommend this book to everyone who is trying to understand themselves.

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